About Me

Dr. Korin Reid, Ph.D.

AI & Operations Research Innovator

Dr. Korin Reid earned her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology where she leveraged Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research to determine cost-effective means of producing biofuels from biomass in the southeastern United States.  In addition, Dr. Reid has held various Data Science roles in the healthcare space.  This includes building massively scalable Machine Learning solutions scaling to billions of records and impacting more than 160 million covered lives and a third of US hospitals.  For this effort, Dr. Reid was named to Forbes 2017 “30 Under 30”  list in the Science category.  Dr. Reid has a wealth of experience leading large Data organizations including Data Science, Data Engineering, and Software Development teams.  Dr. Reid currently serves as CEO of Ellison Laboratories, a consulting firm that specializes in leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research to transform organizations in the healthcare, energy, and education technology verticals.  Dr. Reid also teaches Data Science at Purdue University Global and the University of California at Berkeley.