At the beginning of the episode, it is revealed that Britt has decided to go home because she is disappointed that the group date rose was given to Katelyn. She cries before, during, and after revealing her decision to bachelor Chris. I honestly have no idea whether Britt is genuinely upset or is displaying her best acting to date.  Moreover, I was astonished as to how her status remained makeup on fleek and flawless in every way for 99% of the duration of her vociferous and impassioned howl at the moon ugly cry. When I have a good cry session of even lesser intensity, I end up looking like the Unabomber during allergy season. There was one moment in the end of cry-gate during which a bit of mascara did stream down Britt’s face; it was during the moment that she woefully lamented Carly’s betrayal. For you see, Carly was the first to tip Chris off to the fact that Britt wasn’t quite ready to be barefoot and pregnant in corn country. I almost think that Britt intentionally let her mascara run during the moment she called out Carly’s betrayal, because it intensified the moment somehow. However, I can’t be sure of this. Britt may have been genuinely saddened, she could have simply been angry and offended for not having her way, or she could be extremely calculating in every moment with Meryl-Streep esque acting chops to boot, only Britt knows.

For the next few minutes, Carly basques in the glow of Britt’s departure, but her glory is short-lived as Carly herself gets the boot next. After mourning Carly’s departure briefly, the girls are over the moon about the prospect of brining Chris to their hometown to meet their families; a concept I truly cannot wrap my head around. I can’t imagine going home and saying “hey dad, meet my boyfriend who happens to be dating three other women, can you give him your blessing to propose?”. This is the type of thing that the FBI raids in the mountainside of Utah; this is not something you look forward to sharing with your family, but what do I know?

Based on the hometown dates, I still think Whitney is my favorite (although Becca is very sweet, and I admire her convictions) because she seems to be ready to be a wife and mother and seems willing and able to survive in small town Iowa. I even appreciated her family’s reaction to the hometown date. Her sister is about that life, because she told bachelor Chris that if he wanted permission to propose he better come back when there aren’t three other girls in the picture…bravo, bravo. She brought a reality check to the situation that I really appreciated.  Anyway, either the show is growing on me, or tonight’s episode was far more entertaining than yesterday’s. Although I’m skeptical about the overall premise of the show, there were some cute moments tonight (FYI, Jade also gets the axe this week).